Some Easy Ways To Save Costs On Your Next Local Moving



Stay organized leading up to your move with our essential moving checklist. It’s filled with helpful tips and timelines to get you organized.


When you’re moving, you want to plan ahead as much as possible. It’s best to break it down into stages to make it seem less overwhelming. Here’s a preview of the most important tasks to tackle and when to do them:


Get rid of everything you don’t want moved — consider booking junk removal service to make it fast and easy.

Book elevators and make arrangements to save a parking spot for the truck in front of both locations for up to 4 hours.

Make a list of people and businesses to notify about your new address.


Get insurance for your items. High-value items will need verified values in advance of a move.

Label items right on the box as you pack, including which room they go in.

Check all furniture and note any scratches or dents.

Book a moving company!


Take down and pack all pictures and hanging items.

Make sure all loose items and electronics are packed.

Remove all fragile items from dressers and desks.

Clean out and pack the bathrooms — you’ll need these items right away at the new place.

Pack a bag with a change of clothes and toiletries to keep with you for the first night.


Remove blankets and linens from beds and pack them up.

Ensure all items are removed from appliances.

After the truck is loaded up, do a final walkthrough to check all rooms, closets, and cabinets for any missed items.



Whether you’re just moving across the street or across the country, there are lots of things to keep track of when you’re relocating your life. This checklist provides smart moving tips to help you stay focused and in control.


Create your “Move File”  in Google Drive to keep track of all quotes, receipts, and other important information.

Schedule your container to arrive on a date that gives you plenty of time to load all your belongings. You may want it a few days, weeks, or even a month before your move date. You can keep your container as long as you need, so you can pack and load at your own pace, on your schedule.

Want help with packing or loading? Start collecting quotes.  We’re happy to refer you to trusted local labor providers.

Shipping a vehicle? Start getting quotes. We can help connect you to a reputable vehicle shipper.

Contact the local Chamber of Commerce if you’re moving to a new city and request a new resident packet.

Begin researching your new hometown or neighborhood online.

Create a floor plan of your new home for furniture and appliance placement.

Schedule repairs with carpenters, painters, plumbers, roofers, and others so your new home is ready for you.

Inventory your stuff and clear clutter. Start with the attic, basement, garage, and other storage areas.

Decide what to sell or give away and what to keep. Prepare for the garage sale you’ll hold 3 weeks before your move or start selling items online.

Check on potential tax deductions for your move with your accountant or the IRS.

Gather important documents: Keep personal and family records including medical, dental, vet and school records; legal, financial, and insurance documents, birth certificates, and passports with you instead of packing them away.

Confirm you have enough space for delivery of your container. Allow for a clearance of 12 feet wide, 15 feet high, and 40 feet long. Paved surfaces are preferred. If the surface isn’t paved, discuss your situation with a representative.

Ask your homeowner association, apartment or condo management if there are any restrictions regarding placement of portable containers or rental trucks at or near your residence.

Check laws and permit requirements for street placement if you’re planning to place your container on the street. If a permit is required, our driver won’t be able to drop off the container without it. In most cases

Complete the required Gypsy Moth Form if you’re moving from a gypsy moth quarantine state, especially if you’re moving

Research schools in your new neighborhood.


Order supplies to protect your items from damage during transportation. You can get boxes, tape, locks, and other supplies

Change banks if your current bank doesn’t have branches in your new community.

Get referrals from your doctor and other health care providers.

Have valuables appraised such as antiques, pieces of art, musical instruments, and other items.  As we don’t recommend storing valuables in your containers, start making arrangements for their transport to your new home.


Start organizing and packing your belongings. Label all boxes as you pack to make unpacking easier. If you determine you need additional containers for your move, call us and let us know so we can deliver what you need.

Clean as you pack to help with getting your full deposit back if you’re renting. This will save time as moving day approaches. Don’t forget neglected areas such as vents and behind appliances.

Confirm with your insurance company that your possessions are covered during transit. Sign up for PODS’ Contents Protection Option if needed.

Schedule utility services at your new home, including electricity, water, sewage, cable, Internet, and waste disposal.

Schedule disconnection of utilities at your old home. Don’t forget to disconnect the day after you move and connect the day before you arrive at your new home. If you have any “final month” deposits be sure to request your refund.

File a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service and pick up the USPS Mover’s Guide at your local post office.

Purchase locks for your new home or arrange to have them installed upon moving in

Arrange for cleaning and repairs if needed at your old home.

Make travel plans if needed for your move.

Begin using up frozen foods and cleaning supplies that can’t be moved.

Make a list of friends, relatives, and businesses to notify.


Hold a garage sale or sell items online through websites such as eBay or Letgo. Donate leftover items to charities.

Properly dispose of items that you can’t move or throw out, such as chemicals, pesticides, flammable liquids, and batteries.

Cancel your newspaper delivery service.

Change the address of your magazine subscriptions.

The Relocation Guide

lots of companies open their office here. It can be different if you are an ex-pat who chooses to reside here. You will have to consider several substantial terms of living here. From the cultures, living costs, people, foods, rules, and legal documents need to be prepared.

You can see it from the people, the varieties of foods, the entertainments, etc. Therefore, you will certainly meet lots of ethnic living in this city from local people

This legal document is highly needed. Choose according to your purpose. There are several types such as tourists, business travelers, and expatriates. Truthfully, it is considered strict to get a work permit or visa


Even if you travel to another country, it is always better to learn their basic language not only as knowledge but also survival skills.


Most Asian country still holds its conservative values that are unspoken. For example, when you first meet new people it starts with handshakes. In terms of clothes, make sure you wear something that is not too revealing. Since the weather is hot and humid, cotton-based and comfortable clothes are recommended.

Choose Place to Live

When you move here you don’t want to stay homeless upon arrival. Plan and book first. There are various options for life here. From kost, apartment, or house. The term of co-living is started to quite common here. It helps you so much if you happen to be an ex-pat.

Moving Guides

understand that moving your home can often be a stressful time for you and your family. We have developed our moving process to ensure that your move happens quickly, carefully, and hassle-free. We are also proud to provide customer service that is second to none.

experienced movers know that memories are often tied up in household possessions, and that’s why we make it a priority to be extra cautious when transporting your treasured belongings. We utilize state-of-the-art moving techniques to make sure that your goods are always safely stowed and ready to travel to your new home, no matter the distance that you’re going.

crews are experts at handling your antiques, your china and other fragile items, such as electronics. You can rest assured that we always treat every box and piece of furniture as if it were our own.

belief that moving should be an exciting time full of new opportunities, and that’s why we make it our goal to assure that your experience is pleasant and eliminated of the burdens that a lot of individuals and families face. We have many solutions to fit your specific residential moving needs and will go over the best way to prepare for our arrival on moving day.


Moving is an exciting feat- whether you’re moving to a new town or a completely different state. But you shouldn’t take on the process by yourself because this can lead to stress or injury. Hiring local movers will make the actual activity of moving much easier for you and your family! But how do you find a company that you can trust with your items that won’t rip you off? Follow these tips as you decide which local movers to hire.

Find Recommendations

As you begin your search for local movers, the first thing you should do is find a company that you can trust. How do you do this? Ask around! Find out what movers your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors have used in the past. They can tell you pros and cons of the movers they hired, which can help you decide if they’ll be the right fit for you.

Check online reviews whether through Google or on the moving company’s website. This will show you all the good and bad sides of the movers. Consider it a bonus if the company has replied to both negative and positive reviews. This shows that they care about their customers and making sure they’re satisfied, any issues are resolved, or simply to thank customers for leaving a positive comment.


In order for a moving company to help you move all of your belongings, they should be both licensed and insured. They should have the proper state requirements to be able to move everything whether by a truck or a van. They should also provide insurance or liability as this is required by federal law. You can check the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the company you are looking at is legitimate and reliable.

As you research, be sure to keep note of a few different moving companies. Note all of their benefits or red flags and get full estimates from each one. This allows you to then compare costs and what is offered, so that you can make the most informed decision about which one to choose when it’s time for you to move.

Should You Hire Professional Local Moving Or Go DIY For Either Local Or Long-Distance Relocation

Don’t Stress Over a Short, Local Move

Moving just a few blocks over might seem easy, but you still have to pack your entire life into boxes and load it into a moving truck.

the process quick and easy. can move everything in your home – even large items like pianos! talented moving professionals help families, individuals and college students move to their new homes.

want to help our clients make their moves as stress-free as possible. Here are five tips to help you make a local move easier:

1. Label every box clearly with the items inside.

2. Make sure the items you will need immediately are easy to access.

3. Wrap your toiletries in saran wrap to avoid spills and leaks.

4. If you have to take apart furniture, keep the nuts and bolts in a clearly labeled sandwich bag.

5. Call a charity organization to pick up any items you don’t want to take with you.

Must-Have Packing and Moving Supplies Checklist

Packing and moving can be a huge task, but just like with any big job, it suddenly becomes easier with the proper tools. In a time when there are entire stores dedicated to selling different types of containers, a person planning a move could easily get lost just in preparation before packing a single box. Finding perfect boxes for each item is great if you’ve got that kind of time, but for those who do not, we’ve put together this helpful list of must-have packing and moving supplies.

Generally, anyone planning a move needs boxes of various sizes. While large items may require large or extra large boxes, remember that heavy things need to be placed in as small boxes as possible. Conversely, lightweight things can go in larger boxes and still be moveable with ease. Another helpful tip about boxes: Check with your local liquor stores to see if they have emptied liquor boxes. These typically have dividers inside, making them perfect boxes for protectively packing your glassware. Lastly, fill boxes to capacity, as overfilling gives them lumpy surfaces making them hard to stack, and underfilling them makes them vulnerable to collapse under weight. When it’s time to stack them in the moving truck, you’ll be glad to have neat, level towers of boxes that stay in place.

Along with boxes, people packing for a move need tape. Be sure to stock up on shipping tape for sealing boxes, masking tape for labeling boxes, duct tape or strapping tape for reinforcing and closing heavier boxes, and painter’s tape for any immediate painting and frame hanging projects in your new home. Buy at least two rolls of each to ensure you don’t run out or lose a roll in the process of packing and moving. Scissors and box cutters are also things you should have on hand in multiples, especially if you have helpers in the unpacking process.

Along with those basics, Sharpie permanent markers for labeling boxes are essential. Some experienced movers use stickers or colored markers to establish a color code system, assigning a color to all boxes from one particular room of the house. That’s also an effective method for protecting your valuables, as it allows only you to identify each box’s contents without writing the actual contents on the side of the box and tempting thieves. 

Some type of protective packing material is needed for most household moves, but don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to keep your fragile items intact. Lots of people prefer bubble wrap or packing paper purchased from a home improvement store, but you can also used recycled newsprint, end rolls of newsprint often available at your local newspaper or even your own clothing, towels, sheets and blankets.

Use our Must Have Packing and Moving Supplies Checklist to gather these and a few other items within a month of moving day, as you’ll likely use some when you begin packing away non-essential items early on.

Moving Services

Packing delicate to heavy household items into a few moving boxes can be a challenging job for you. You can lose your composure because you have too many things to plan for the big day and end up with chaos.

Purge Out Unnecessary Items‍

To reduce the stress and load out of your packing, make a list of items that you no longer needed. It can be anything- old clothes, furniture, crockery, artificial jewelry, etc.

Rent Cardboard Boxes‍

Instead of purchasing boxes, you can borrow them from any grocery store. You can ask them to provide you with cardboard boxes which will help you quickly pack

Organize Small Stuff‍

Organize your move transparent using ziplock bags. They’re not only perfect for packing and securing essential papers, cords, furniture screws. You can also name it, but

Pack your fragile items in Bubble Wraps‍

It’s important to provide extra coverage when packing fragile items such as antiques, jewelry, cutlery, and other electronic items. Cover them with a double layer of bubble wraps before they are placed in bags. That will protect them during the loading and unloading process from damage and loss.


If you are planning a DIY move, you have three primary options for transportation and storage: a rental truck, a portable storage container, or a “you load, we drive” moving company. Since 70% of all domestic moves in the US are intrastate, 30% of those moves use a portable storage unit

If you are considering a portable storage unit, here’s some helpful info and tips about what they are and how best to use them. In some cases a portable storage container may seem more expensive, but it addresses both movement and storage of your household goods. So, in determining if this is the right choice for you, you will need to take into account the expense of storage as well when comparing options.

What is a Portable Storage Container?

It is a storage container that is delivered to your home. You then pack it with your household goods, and the company picks it up and transports it to a storage facility or your new residence. This has become a popular and convenient method for moving, and it allows you to organize your goods as you see fit.

What are the Benefits of a Storage Container?

The primary benefit is its versatility. You load your household goods only once. You do not need to load a truck, unload the truck into a storage unit, reload a truck, and unload it once again to move your personal belongings into your new home

When Should You Use a Container?

A storage container makes the most sense when you need to store your personal belongings prior to moving them to your final destination, regardless of whether you are moving locally or long distance. If you cannot move into your new home immediately, then a container is most likely your best choice. This is very common if you have sold your previous residence, but you are still searching for a new home. Or, you may be making a temporary move.

Local Movers

Whether you are moving around the block or many miles can ensure that your personal possessions are moved safely, quickly, and affordably. will provide old-fashioned, customer-oriented service using modern equipment to efficiently move your goods in a simple, stress-free manner, so that you can get on with your life without worrying about your move.

home move estimate.

This in-home estimate will insure that all aspects of the move are observed and insure an accurate estimate of the move cost and timecome out to your residence in order to assess the final weight and dimensions of the items that require to be relocated. Once the weight and size are determined,

you are working with highly motivated, pleasant, trained and experienced moving professionals who understand the details of domestic and international moving, and who really care about providing the best possible service.

Factors To Consider When Using Office Movers


One of the most important things that you need to consider when you are moving your home or office is shifting of your belongings. Now, this is not an easy thing. Even if you have to simply move to the next street it can be a difficult task. You will have to opt for professional help.

There are a number of Moving companies  that provide services to different areas. But it can be very confusing when it comes to selecting the best company who can manage all your moving and shifting in the best possible way. Here are the factors that you need to take into consideration when you decide to choose a moving company.

Always Choose A Licensed Company:

You must always go for a company that has a license.  In case your goods get damaged while shifting then you can claim for the damages only if the moving company is a licensed one.  When a company is a licensed one you can be rest assured that you can trust the company and rely on that company.

Reputation Of The Company Matters:

Before you choose moving companies you have to make sure that you check the reputation of the company. See if you can find out what the previous customers have to say about the company. You need to find out how the company has handled the previous projects to get a better idea. You must take into consideration the reviews and comments of people who have opted for the services of these companies.


One more thing is experience of working as a moving company. The customer needs to be fully satisfied with the experience of that company. Company experience matters a lot. Short term experience company cannot make big deals and also people do not rely on less experience company.


People do not prefer costly moving companies. If a company’s rates is so high and they provide the same facility as the other company gives to their customers. So, you should choose the less costly. Every company gives you a rate based on the number of hours and number of movers. You have to keep in mind that never pay additional charges or payment for packing or any extra object.

Reviews and record:

You have to get a list of trusted companies and then see the reviews about the work of that company. Surely there will be good views and bad views at the same time. It up to you that what you will consider before hiring a company. See the online reviews of this company. You also see the back record of the company and then choose the better one.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Moving Companies for Office Relocation

Office relocation is not the same as home relocation. Though several moving companies promise you to conduct the office move smoothly, things can go seriously wrong if you hire incompetent professionals. The work of an office has to go on and so the move needs to be conducted on time and budget. The above can only be achieved when you hire the right moving professionals proficient and skilled in office relocation.

Factors to consider before selecting the perfect office moving company in Adelaide

Note that office moves need to be conducted with meticulous care in an organized way. Check whether-

  1. The company has a separate division for office moves- Credible moving companies generally have a separate division for managing office moves of all sizes. The experts here are trained and skilled in conducting the move in an organized and timely manner. A specialized team is generally sent to the destination where they accept the delivery and start to set up the office.
  2. Project manager- Credible office removalistscompanies have a dedicated project manager for the move. Here the project manager works with the official representatives to conduct assessments of the move and ensure that all moving plans are executed without delays and hassles.
  3. Storage and disposal units- Good moving companies will have storage facilities for keeping office equipment and furniture. These facilities are clean and safe. These storage units have facilities where unused belongings may be stored without damage. Some companies have units for disposal of unwanted items as well.
  4. Extra services- The best office movers will provide additional services for their clients when it comes to office relocation. In short, they provide one-stop solutions to their clients when it comes to moving from one place to another with success.

Communication is a key component in office move checklists. Therefore, keep your employees in the loop once your company decides to relocate its offices.

You do not want to surprise employees with an office relocation at the last minute. An office move not only affects their work life. It could also impact their personal life with longer commute times.

Companies should consider how people appreciate being included in decisions that affect them. 

Therefore, communicate office relocations to employees as early as possible. When doing so, state clear reasons for the move to ensure early employee buy-in early. Also, be sure to thoroughly address any employee questions or concerns.

Considering employee feedback as you make a major company-wide decision can undoubtedly have a positive effect on morale. Before starting to search for a new office location, gather feedback from the various departments in your company. This feedback should be used to determine the final location, space, and configuration needs. As you begin scoping out the logistics of your office move, remember it is important to communicate with employees throughout the process. Consistent and clear communication will ensure departmental needs are met.

Therefore, when reviewing your office move checklist, be sure employee communications are included.


Do you know that more than 11% of Americans move every year? That is more than 35 million individuals and families, which is a clear indication that moving is one of the most vibrant industries around the country. So, how do you select the best company when you want to move?


There is a view that most of the family-owned businesses are more reliable and professionally operated. Therefore, selecting a moving company that is owned locally comes with various benefits. Consider a situation where the leader of the business is the father and the manager in charge of the operations is the mother. Those people are likely to run the business in the most professional style to offer customers the best services.


Movers are regulated by the local authorities. No company is allowed to move without adhering to specific rules and regulations. This explains why all the moving companies must display a license to show that they have complied with the necessary regulations. Always consider a licensed moving company because its trucks and employees are inspected. You can ask the company to show you its operational licenses, and you need to check whether the license is valid with the local authorities.


Moving insurance is a vital component that you need to put into considerations before hiring local movers. Some of your items, such as furniture and electronics are very expensive, and you don’t want them to be damaged on the way. However, there is a high possibility that this will happen. In such circumstances, the insurance policy will help in repairing and recovering most of the items. Additionally, an accident can happen while on the move and the insurance policy will help with that. You don’t want to start having financial liability to something that can be handled by the moving company.


Doing the same thing repeatedly does not only build expertise but also enhances confidence in doing that thing. For example, a moving company that has been helping people to move has all the experience in packaging goods, moving through winter, and unpacking at night. Why should go for a company that has never helped people move before? Look for an experienced company that will handle your move professionally. You will not only get your goods packaged and arranged in the truck well, but everything will be done in a short period. Consider companies that have been in the moving sector for more than ten years and you will enjoy the benefits.


As a human being, it is essential that you are treated with utmost respect and dignity. Your properties and house should be treated with respect, as well. Movers don’t need to step into your house with mud and dirt. That’s a sign of disrespect. They also need to communicate with you efficiently and more so, listen to what you need.

There are many moving companies out there in the industry that don’t treat their customers with respect. You need to ask close friends and relatives how a particular company treats its clients before you can hire them. You want a company that appreciates you as a mover.


The cost of moving is critical. It is affected by various factors such as distance, a period of the move, and items to be moved among other factors. Moving companies charge differently. You need to liaise with your local movers so that you can come into a compromise for the best price possible. You should strike a middle ground with your mover so that you can pay something that is within your budget.

The Ultimate Seasonal Gift Packing And Toiletry Packing Services


Many industries stand to benefit from a bonded warehousing pick and pack service, including retailers, manufacturers and eCommerce stores. Just some of these benefits include…

• Fast delivery: Being able to offer customers and clients fast and efficient delivery services will make them more likely to place an order with a business.
• Positive reputation: If a customer has a positive delivery experience they are not only more likely to become a repeat customer but they will begin to further associate the company with reliability and dependability.
• Stock management: Having a dedicated pick and pack service ensures inventory data is constantly updated. This ensures any bulk orders made can be fulfilled, as the company will have a clear idea of the stock they have available.
• Stock protection: Storing your stock in a bonded warehouse ensures it can be stored safely. During a pick and pack service, the warehouse team will be able to identify any anomalies in stock, should they occur, preventing customers from receiving sub-par products.

The Process: Picking and Packing

Modern warehouses offering pick and pack services use warehouse fulfillment software to integrate the entire fulfillment process, from the customer’s initial order to the moment of delivery. When a customer completes an order using a business’s online store, the order information is immediately received at the warehouse. The order information includes details such as the list of items ordered, date and time of order and shipping labels. The warehouse associate receives these order details along with information about where the ordered items can be found in the warehouse. Once provided with these details, the warehouse employee completes the “pick” part of the process. After being “picked,” the item is scanned to update the seller’s inventory.

The next step is to package the order using a container, such as an envelope or box, and any packing materials needed to ensure the items’ safety. The order fulfillment technology used by pick and pack services can automatically determine the type and size of packaging to be used for the ordered items, thus removing any time-consuming guesswork from the equation. Delicate items are packaged with materials to protect against any potential damage. The warehouse associate also utilizes any branding guidelines, custom packaging and other specifications requested by the seller. This way, the package appears to have been shipped directly from the seller.

Finally, the packaged order is processed for shipping and affixed with the appropriate shipping labels. The package is then handed off to the cost-effective shipping service of the seller’s choice. At this stage of the process, the warehouse sends an automated shipment notice email to the customer and the seller along with a link that provides tracking information.

Types of Picking and Packing Methods in a Warehouse

There is a range of different picking methods utilised by order fulfilment hubs, which depending on the size and type of your business may work for you. Take a look at these different methods which may improve the quality and productivity of your supply chain.

Discrete Order Picking

The simplest method of picking and probably the most common. It requires an individual to pick a single order, one at a time as and when they receive it. However, though this method is uncomplicated and easy to employ it is not time efficient and so would be best suited to smaller warehouses.

Batch Picking

As the name suggests, this requires the order fulfiller to pick multiple orders at one time. While it still requires workers to choose items for an individual mandate, it is more efficient than discrete order picking as it reduces travelling time, especially if the orders required share the same or similar SKUs.

This method is often employed in warehouses with larger e-commerce activity. However, unless the order-picker has access to automated picking services such as a conveyor belt or a forklift, this method can be ineffective if the customer orders are physically large or heavy.

Zone Picking

This method requires the warehouse to be divided into several zones, of which order-pickers are then explicitly assigned. Order-pickers are then responsible for picking and packing SKUs within these designated zones. If there is an order with multiple items, employees in each zone will pass packages to one another until the final product has been packed.

This method is more efficient than both discrete order picking and batch picking but only allows for one scheduling period per shift. Meaning that if the worker finishes their turn and there is no-one on shift after them, orders are placed into the queue until the following change.

Wave Picking

This is another commonly used method in order fulfilment warehouses. It is similar to discrete order picking in the sense that one order is being pulled at a time by the order-picker, but unlike discrete order picking, wave picking has a scheduling window.

This method helps to increase time efficiency and maximise productivity within the pick and pack company by scheduling picking at the most appropriate times of the day.

There are other methods used in warehouses which have also proved to be successful, such as multi-batch picking, or zone-batch-wave picking, but those mentioned above are the most commonly used.

Why would a company take advantage of pick and pack services?

Unless you’re a retail behemoth like Amazon, operating your own pick and pack operation can be very costly and time consuming. Outsourcing to a warehouse eliminates the need for individual businesses to invest in or maintain their own warehouse space (and the workforce to manage it). With the help of an outside logistics specialist, you can focus on your core competencies without the additional stress of managing every moving part of your own supply chain. Using sophisticated inventory management software, a company like Commercial Warehousing can keep a constant eye on stock levels and guarantee prompt delivery to your customers.

Pick and pack services are especially advantageous for smaller companies. Large warehouses receive more comfortable shipping rates because of their high volume of orders. They also have their own customer service teams who specialize in shipping. So if you’re running a small business, a third party pick and pack service can allow you to offer the same level of service, security and shipping speed as a larger competitor.

Ultimately, pick and pack services help ensure that customers receive their orders intact and on time. And since how your product arrives can determine how much trust your customers place in your company, choosing a responsible, hardworking warehousing company can be one of the most important business decisions you make.

Benefits of pick and pack

International Forwarding (IFL) has many customers who take advantage of our experienced pick and pack fulfilment services. Goods are stored in our secure warehouse facilities at competitive rates and individual orders can be shipped directly to your customers from there. Tailored inventory reports are available and all consignments benefit from our online track-and-trace systems. We can also supply pallets and other types of packaging to suit individual requirements.

If you’re thinking of using a pick and pack service, here are some of the main advantages:

1. Saves time

Turning your consignments into orders that are ready for shipping to customers takes time and care. Outsourcing order fulfilment to trained experts in picking and packing means you can get on with your business and let them get on with the work.

2. Saves on storage costs

At IFL, items can easily and securely be stored at our warehouse, ready for pick, pack and dispatch at the right time to suit you.

3. Personalisation

We work with many brands who have been pleasantly surprised at how our expert picker packers can work to often quite specific requirements for fulfilment and onward distribution. We can often integrate their system into our warehouse systems.

4. Flexibility

If you’re using one company for freight forwarding, it’s much easier to use the same company for logistics and cargo handling. Look for a company that offers such flexibility and is willing to work with you to get this part of your supply chain right – and it means you’ll only have to deal with one supplier.

5. Takes the pain out of the supply chain

A more efficient supply chain is in everyone’s interest and can help you manage your resources better. It particularly suits small and medium-sized enterprises. Pick and pack is just part of our suite of cargo handling and supply chain solutions.

Commercial Relocation Network Office Movers Deliver The Goods

How To Choose The Best Office Moving Company?

If you are planning to shift your IT firm, then you will agree that office relocation can be a challenging process, as it can be time-consuming and would require you to handle several tasks at once. Apart from the hassles of packing and unpacking, it can be hard to lift or move office stuff from one building to another.

This is why it is important to select the services of a best office moving company when you don’t have the means and workforce to move your office.

Selecting The Right Office Moving Company

The perfect moving company will help you to relocate your office in an effective and seamless manner without affecting your office productivity. The experts at the moving company are efficient and experienced to handle office moving process without any hassles to ensure that office relocation does not impact your workforce and departments. Before selecting an office moving company, it is important to consider a few pointers to choose the services of an IT relocation company.

Consider Their Years Of Experience

Always check how long an office moving company has been in this business. Only those companies that offer best services can survive in the competitive industry. Choose the company that has a long history of being a well-established business mover, which indicates that they are a trusted choice. Make sure that they have been relocating offices in and around a specific location that you are planning to move, as it will help you stay assured that they are well versed in relocating offices in that region.

Check Their Reputation

Check the website of the office relocation company and check the testimonials sections to find what their customers wish to say about their services. The real users are from real users who have chosen the moving services to shift their business establishment from one place to another.

How to choose an office moving company?

If you are moving to the same city, or just a few blocks away, moving can be a very tiring exercise. If you choose to do this hectic task yourself, it might take you weeks or even a month. Once you select your area for relocation, you need to pick the company who will help you move. A good office moving company will make this experience seamless and hassle free for you. But how do you decide if the company you selected in the best one for you?


Yes money matters the most. Make sure to understand your moving requirements and then request for a quote. It is better to discuss the services provided in that cost. Does the moving company charges on hourly basis, or do they charge by packing as per the square footage. Moving requires a lot of work. Will the moving company help you for assembling and reassembling the office furniture in the same price? And will the reinstallation of the equipment be an extra charge. Collect quotes from different service providers before you make a decision.

Research an authentic service provider

Trust and confidence is one of the major concerns of any employer when moving their office. You just don’t want to lose your equipment. Losing equipment means losing data which can be the biggest loss for any company. Do your proper homework before you choose a moving company? Read the customers reviews, any testimonials, and companies they have previously worked with. Moving companies are mostly listed in yellow pages, magazines and catalogues making them appear legit and authentic. If you hear about the company breaking things or losing them before moving, better look for other options.


Work experience in any field matters a lot. If your selected moving company is in the business for around 10 years, this means they are a great service provider, people are liking them and they are successful in what they are doing. Make sure to read through the history of the moving company. Just do not focus on their years in service, also look for their experience in moving offices. Packing, assembling, dissembling and transporting would require different knowledge, skill set and tools when relocating an office. It is not as easy as moving a home.

Customer experience

Service industries work on the level service and quality you get. Moving an office requires a lot of efficiency, communication and planning. You want to shift as soon as possible to resume your work again. Make sure to select a mover who is very serious about meeting their deadlines.

Tips on Choosing an Office Moving Company

Relocating to a different office building is an important milestone for any business. However, the task of actually moving can be particularly stressful. While moving an office is quite challenging, one of the best ways to alleviate some of the stress is to hire the right professional office moving company

Find Experienced Office Movers

When moving your business, it’s important to find professionals that are experienced with office moves. While all professional movers should know the best practices of moving, it is best to trust your office relocation with commercial movers. Since moving an office requires a specific set of skills, professional movers need to have the knowledge of potential logistical issues, the best way to ensure minimal downtime for business operations, and how to better operate within moving hours put forth by building managers

Run Background Checks on All Movers

Part of finding the right moving company for your upcoming relocation should involve background checks. While many moving companies may appear to be professionals, you’ll only be able to determine this by reviewing their history and background. Search through Google reviews and comments from past clients to determine whether or not the moving company you are considering is the right option for you

Ask Friends and Family for References

Word-of-mouth is another great way to get connected with the right moving company. Ask around in your social circle for any professional office moving companies. Oftentimes, friends and family members have worked with or know someone that has hired a professional office moving company. By choosing a moving company that has rave reviews from people in your network, you are more likely to have a similarly positive experience when using the same company to help facilitate your move.

Ask for a Site Visit

One of the tell-tale signs of a good moving company is their willingness to do a site visit. Moving companies should always do a preliminary site visit before agreeing to work with you for your office move. This site visit allows professional movers to gain the best understanding of what requirements are necessary for your move. During the visit, the moving company will be able to see the building layout, look at the items being moved, and identify what resources will be required for the moving day.

Plan for your Office Move

An office move, whether small or large, is no walk in the park; it is often hectic and time-consuming for both the business owner and his or her employees. Between choosing a new location, protecting private corporate or customer information and physically packing, a corporate move can bog down personnel and impact a business’ productivity for weeks

Research. Proper research is always the most crucial step in selecting a commercial moving company But, they are not equal.  Many aspects of a moving company should be investigated before making a final decision.

Consult. Even if you believe that you found the perfect commercial moving company on paper, it is important to consult with the company for many reasons. First impressions matter

There are always move-specific questions that you should ask during the consultation: Is the commercial moving company available for the day(s) you anticipate your relocation to take place? Is your business or the moving company responsible for the packing and unpacking of your office supplies, furniture and equipment? What is the cost and what services do you receive for that cost? What is the company’s moving process? How long will the work required take?

Plan. Once you have selected a commercial moving company to relocate your office, it is important to stay in contact with your movers and discuss any company-specific concerns you may have. These concerns may include plans for documents that require confidentiality; furniture, equipment or items that must be handled with care; or items that are not to be moved.


How do I choose a reputable office moving company?

When the time comes to move office there are many factors to consider. It is likely you have already found new premises but how do you go about moving all your staff and kit without considerable disruption to your business?

Always use an accredited mover

Sounds obvious right? You’ve either spent ages building up your business or you’ve been tasked with managing your company relocation so why would you trust any old man & van to carry it out?  You’d be surprised how many companies fall at the first hurdle and entrust their move to moving companies who simply are not qualified to handle the job or worse, disappear when the going gets tough. We’ve lost count of the number of businesses who have turned to us to pick up the pieces of a failed and expensive office move

Get a few quotes

When you begin gathering the information it helps to compare a few quotes.  Whilst price is an important factor it is crucial that you compare like-for-like services. A low price can be enticing but are you getting a top-quality service and does the quote cover everything you need?

Ask to see recent testimonials and case studies

Office removals can vary greatly from a small two-person office move to full-scale corporate relocations involving hundreds of employees, IT equipment and other furniture.

Check whether you have a dedicated commercial move manager

Check that you have an experienced commercial move manager running your office move.