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How To Choose The Best Office Moving Company?

If you are planning to shift your IT firm, then you will agree that office relocation can be a challenging process, as it can be time-consuming and would require you to handle several tasks at once. Apart from the hassles of packing and unpacking, it can be hard to lift or move office stuff from one building to another.

This is why it is important to select the services of a best office moving company when you don’t have the means and workforce to move your office.

Selecting The Right Office Moving Company

The perfect moving company will help you to relocate your office in an effective and seamless manner without affecting your office productivity. The experts at the moving company are efficient and experienced to handle office moving process without any hassles to ensure that office relocation does not impact your workforce and departments. Before selecting an office moving company, it is important to consider a few pointers to choose the services of an IT relocation company.

Consider Their Years Of Experience

Always check how long an office moving company has been in this business. Only those companies that offer best services can survive in the competitive industry. Choose the company that has a long history of being a well-established business mover, which indicates that they are a trusted choice. Make sure that they have been relocating offices in and around a specific location that you are planning to move, as it will help you stay assured that they are well versed in relocating offices in that region.

Check Their Reputation

Check the website of the office relocation company and check the testimonials sections to find what their customers wish to say about their services. The real users are from real users who have chosen the moving services to shift their business establishment from one place to another.

How to choose an office moving company?

If you are moving to the same city, or just a few blocks away, moving can be a very tiring exercise. If you choose to do this hectic task yourself, it might take you weeks or even a month. Once you select your area for relocation, you need to pick the company who will help you move. A good office moving company will make this experience seamless and hassle free for you. But how do you decide if the company you selected in the best one for you?


Yes money matters the most. Make sure to understand your moving requirements and then request for a quote. It is better to discuss the services provided in that cost. Does the moving company charges on hourly basis, or do they charge by packing as per the square footage. Moving requires a lot of work. Will the moving company help you for assembling and reassembling the office furniture in the same price? And will the reinstallation of the equipment be an extra charge. Collect quotes from different service providers before you make a decision.

Research an authentic service provider

Trust and confidence is one of the major concerns of any employer when moving their office. You just don’t want to lose your equipment. Losing equipment means losing data which can be the biggest loss for any company. Do your proper homework before you choose a moving company? Read the customers reviews, any testimonials, and companies they have previously worked with. Moving companies are mostly listed in yellow pages, magazines and catalogues making them appear legit and authentic. If you hear about the company breaking things or losing them before moving, better look for other options.


Work experience in any field matters a lot. If your selected moving company is in the business for around 10 years, this means they are a great service provider, people are liking them and they are successful in what they are doing. Make sure to read through the history of the moving company. Just do not focus on their years in service, also look for their experience in moving offices. Packing, assembling, dissembling and transporting would require different knowledge, skill set and tools when relocating an office. It is not as easy as moving a home.

Customer experience

Service industries work on the level service and quality you get. Moving an office requires a lot of efficiency, communication and planning. You want to shift as soon as possible to resume your work again. Make sure to select a mover who is very serious about meeting their deadlines.

Tips on Choosing an Office Moving Company

Relocating to a different office building is an important milestone for any business. However, the task of actually moving can be particularly stressful. While moving an office is quite challenging, one of the best ways to alleviate some of the stress is to hire the right professional office moving company

Find Experienced Office Movers

When moving your business, it’s important to find professionals that are experienced with office moves. While all professional movers should know the best practices of moving, it is best to trust your office relocation with commercial movers. Since moving an office requires a specific set of skills, professional movers need to have the knowledge of potential logistical issues, the best way to ensure minimal downtime for business operations, and how to better operate within moving hours put forth by building managers

Run Background Checks on All Movers

Part of finding the right moving company for your upcoming relocation should involve background checks. While many moving companies may appear to be professionals, you’ll only be able to determine this by reviewing their history and background. Search through Google reviews and comments from past clients to determine whether or not the moving company you are considering is the right option for you

Ask Friends and Family for References

Word-of-mouth is another great way to get connected with the right moving company. Ask around in your social circle for any professional office moving companies. Oftentimes, friends and family members have worked with or know someone that has hired a professional office moving company. By choosing a moving company that has rave reviews from people in your network, you are more likely to have a similarly positive experience when using the same company to help facilitate your move.

Ask for a Site Visit

One of the tell-tale signs of a good moving company is their willingness to do a site visit. Moving companies should always do a preliminary site visit before agreeing to work with you for your office move. This site visit allows professional movers to gain the best understanding of what requirements are necessary for your move. During the visit, the moving company will be able to see the building layout, look at the items being moved, and identify what resources will be required for the moving day.

Plan for your Office Move

An office move, whether small or large, is no walk in the park; it is often hectic and time-consuming for both the business owner and his or her employees. Between choosing a new location, protecting private corporate or customer information and physically packing, a corporate move can bog down personnel and impact a business’ productivity for weeks

Research. Proper research is always the most crucial step in selecting a commercial moving company But, they are not equal.  Many aspects of a moving company should be investigated before making a final decision.

Consult. Even if you believe that you found the perfect commercial moving company on paper, it is important to consult with the company for many reasons. First impressions matter

There are always move-specific questions that you should ask during the consultation: Is the commercial moving company available for the day(s) you anticipate your relocation to take place? Is your business or the moving company responsible for the packing and unpacking of your office supplies, furniture and equipment? What is the cost and what services do you receive for that cost? What is the company’s moving process? How long will the work required take?

Plan. Once you have selected a commercial moving company to relocate your office, it is important to stay in contact with your movers and discuss any company-specific concerns you may have. These concerns may include plans for documents that require confidentiality; furniture, equipment or items that must be handled with care; or items that are not to be moved.


How do I choose a reputable office moving company?

When the time comes to move office there are many factors to consider. It is likely you have already found new premises but how do you go about moving all your staff and kit without considerable disruption to your business?

Always use an accredited mover

Sounds obvious right? You’ve either spent ages building up your business or you’ve been tasked with managing your company relocation so why would you trust any old man & van to carry it out?  You’d be surprised how many companies fall at the first hurdle and entrust their move to moving companies who simply are not qualified to handle the job or worse, disappear when the going gets tough. We’ve lost count of the number of businesses who have turned to us to pick up the pieces of a failed and expensive office move

Get a few quotes

When you begin gathering the information it helps to compare a few quotes.  Whilst price is an important factor it is crucial that you compare like-for-like services. A low price can be enticing but are you getting a top-quality service and does the quote cover everything you need?

Ask to see recent testimonials and case studies

Office removals can vary greatly from a small two-person office move to full-scale corporate relocations involving hundreds of employees, IT equipment and other furniture.

Check whether you have a dedicated commercial move manager

Check that you have an experienced commercial move manager running your office move.