The Differentiates Between Commercial Roofing Companies And Residential Roofing Companies

How to choose a good commercial roofing contractor

With so many commercial roofing contractors (also known as ‘flat roofing contractors’) out there, how do you choose a good one? What do you ask them, or look for, to find out if they are trustworthy, reliable, and do quality work? When on-line reviews can be faked, and when the company can say anything they want on their own website, how can you research the company yourself?

Is the commercial or flat roofing contractor licensed?

If a commercial roofing contractor is licensed, it means they have been granted a trade license as required by local laws. In Colorado, roofers are not licensed at the state level. To become licensed, the roofing company must pass business practice and trade skill tests, pay a fee, and prove they are insured and/or bonded.

Do they have experience?

If the commercial roofing contractor doesn’t have experience, you don’t want them to ‘cut their teeth’ on your roof. When a roofer is just starting-out, if they use your roof as their training grounds, you can bet mistakes will be made, and you will pay the price. Save yourself the headache and keep looking for someone with more experience.

Are they a member of a roofing association?

It’s not easy to be a member of a reputable roofing organization or association. If a commercial roofing contractor is a member, that means they’ve met certain criteria. For example, when applying to the Colorado Roofing Association

Is the contractor certified or qualified?

Just like becoming a member of a roofing association, it takes a lot to become certified or qualified or ‘preferred’. Take Owens Corning, for example. In addition to the above items, to become a Preferred Contractor with them, the company must also have no legal actions or judgements during the past 5 years, and no personal or business bankruptcies during the past 7 years. To find out if a commercial roofing contractor is a Preferred Contractor of Owens Corning, use their “Find a Roofing Contractor” page.

Tips to Follow When Selecting Your Commercial Roofer

Choosing the right person for the job isn’t an easy task. There are many offers and contractors out there and homeowners might get lost during the whole process.

License and  Insurance

The two most important things you should ask for when selecting your commercial roofer are license and insurance. The former is more crucial than the latter since there are many cases where non-licensed roofers still manage to get the job done.

Do Some Research

The Internet makes research extremely easy. To check someone’s work, you just need to follow up on their social media accounts. LinkedIn and Facebook would be great places to start, but you can also check reviews on sites like Angie’s List, Homestars and Yelp.


Your roof is as good as the warranty. Hiring somebody that doesn’t offer warranties isn’t a smart move. Additionally, you should read them in detail in case something isn’t mentioned or just doesn’t seem right

Offers & Services

Of course, hiring an up-to-date firm is very important. Roofs dictate curb appeal and energy efficiency thus directly influencing your home’s value. You wouldn’t want a roofing company that is outdated and that offers “old school” solutions to modern contracting problems

Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Roofers

If you are in the market for a commercial roofing company, it’s important to take your time and ensure that you choose someone who brings experience and professionalism to their jobs. Your commercial roof is a representation of your business and also protects you and your employees from the elements. Problems with a commercial roof can get expensive quickly and even cause your power bills to skyrocket, which is why you should hire a great commercial roofing company sooner rather than later. Keep reading on to learn some valuable tips for choosing the right commercial roofers. After this article, you will feel a lot more comfortable when deciding on the right commercial roofers for your business.

Do your Homework

If you are interested in hiring a certain commercial roofing company, make sure you take some time to research the company. It’s easy to find customer reviews and any feedback about a company online. A simple search on the internet will help you access tons of information about a company. You can also ask past customers how their experience was with a certain company too. The more you can find out about a commercial roofing company ahead of time, the better suited you will be to make a good decision.

Search Local Businesses

Another great tip for choosing the right commercial roofing company is to search for local businesses first. If you go local, you will find commercial roofing businesses that want to build a good reputation in your area. That means they will work hard to grow their business and create a relationship with you since you are local. You can typically expect better results if you go local with your commercial roofing company needs.

Interview the Roofing Company

One of the best ways to make an honest assessment of a commercial roofing company is to interview them in person. That way, you can ask questions and determine their level of professionalism before you hire them. Talk to the commercial roofing company about your specific project, pricing, and how long the project will take. The more questions you ask the better idea you will have about a roofing company. Listen to your intuition, especially if you notice some red flags during the interview. A great roofing company will have answers to almost all of your questions.

Figure Out How Insurance Works for Them

The last tip for finding the right commercial roofers is to ask them what type of insurance coverage they have. There’s always the possibility for an accident or damage to your commercial roof, and the last thing you want is to get stuck paying for it because the roofing company isn’t covered. Commercial roofing companies should have an insurance policy or certification that protects you from accidents.

How to Find the Perfect Material for Your Commercial Roof

When you work on designing a commercial building, it can be difficult to tell what the best material is for a given situation. Commercial roofs have a unique design and they require more consideration than a regular residential roof.

Top Considerations for a Commercial Roof

When you’re installing a commercial roof, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration. These are the most important things you need to think about

Building Usage

What is the building going to be used for? Is it a warehouse where inventory will be stored? Is it going to be a public space?

Weather Considerations

The location of the building will have a big impact on the commercial roof that’s best for your project. You could be in a location that’s exposed to extreme weather conditions. There may be building codes in your location to make sure that the structure is sound.

Will the Business Grow?

Are you working with a business that plans to grow in the next few years? You want to make sure that you have a roof that will grow with it. You don’t want to put the business in a position where it has to replace the entire roof again for a building expansion

How to Choose the Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

As a commercial property owner, maintaining your commercial roofs is essential to the soundness of your portfolio. Nothing can compromise the integrity of your commercial buildings or multi-family housing properties faster than roof leaks and water running amuck through critical interior building systems. With this in mind, consider the following criteria for choosing the right commercial roofing contractor for your peace of mind and investment.

Check Credentials

The first items on your list to vet potential commercial roofing contractors are ensuring they follow best business practices, have a well-established history and maintain superb customer-oriented focus — up to code, so to speak.

License: Your commercial contractor should be legally licensed to work in your area.

Bonded and insured: If your contractor isn’t bonded and up to date with insurance — liability and worker’s comp — you may be financially responsible for damages to property and body during roofing service, repair and installation.

Testimonials: The clients your contractor services are some of your best resources for vetting companies. Check references of recent work similar in scope to your needs.

History: Choose a company that has been in business many years or even decades. This is not to say that newer companies aren’t talented. However, to best ensure your property, go with a company with a proven track record.

Centrally Managed Contractor

Whether you are hiring a commercial contractor for one project, such as an commercial roof installation, or you’re looking for a maintenance contract and long-term relationship, look for a company with the resources, service consistency and communication assets.

Resource management: A centrally managed contractor ensures the roofers working on your project are permanent employees (no sub contractors), trained in the same manner and deliver superior services and results. This should hold true no matter if your commercial properties are in Blaine, MN, or span from Arkansas to Nebraska and back to Iowa.