When To Call For Emergency Hydro Jetting Service

Hydro Jetting to Solve Plumbing Issues

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Conventionally, plumbers have opted to use augers, also known as snakes, to clean the drains. For several clogs, these snakes have seemed to work just fine. Although, for thorough and rapid cleaning, the better option is to go for hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting works like this:

● The first thing to do is video inspect the lines facing issues to see and be prepared for what we are up against and decide what the best way to tackle the issue is.

●After this, a specialized nozzle is attached to the end of a flexible hose, which is then attached to a water tank.

●Then, the nozzle and hose are fed into the pipe, which is having problems through a cleanout. Usually, to keep gravity on our side, it’s better to start downstream from the clog.

●When the hydro-jet is turned on, the nozzle that is self-propelled moves throughout the line, which is spraying water in every direction at very high pressure – normally, it is 2000 PSI to 4000 PSI. The water pressure breaks up whatever is in the path and moves it through the pipe.

When Is It Needed?

Plumbers prefer hydro jetting when the water system is impaired with severe clogs that keep recurring. The interior of pipes often scales up with debris, grease, and mineral buildup, which causes clogging and slow draining. When this issue escalates, it can result in sewer backups. So if the plumbing system blocks up, dirty water may make its way into your home.

Hydro jetting solves such drain issues by pumping high-pressure water in the pipes. The jet works with gravity and forces the pipes to clear up.

An indicator that you may need hydro jetting includes a smelly kitchen sink that repetitively clogs up. A plumber can help eradicate the obstructions in your pipes and allow you to live peacefully. However, you may need to talk to your landlord and discuss the possibility of an inspection, which should tell you if hydro jetting can be a solution.

Why Choose Hydro Jetting?

Choosing Hydro jetting means that you are picking the most effective solution for clearing out clogged drains. There are different sizes of hydro jets that can be used. A skilled professional will be able to determine which size will work the best for you.

This pipe cleaning method is also able to penetrate deeper into built up debris, flush out rocks, roots, minerals, and any other obstruction that can clog up your pipes. It is also a very convenient option, due to the fact that it has a higher ability to clear out major clogs.

Good for Residential and Commercial

For residential places, hydro-jetting can be used to remove silt, sand, other things that have gotten built up such as hair clogs and other residues that have built up onto the wall of the pipes. This is a good choice if you are experiencing slow moving pipes. It is also a good option if you have tried other drain cleaning methods without getting the results that you were hoping to see.

There are some commercial residents that should get their pipes routinely cleaned. For instance, restaurants should do clean their pipes to help remove grease and food particles that have built up.

Top Three Plumbing Issues Hydro Jetting Can Repair

A popular issue a Los Angeles plumber is called for around this time of year is clogged pipes. A clogged plumbing system can possibly cause pipe bursts, water damage and severe destruction to sewage systems. Instead of relying on a liquid drain cleaner purchased from your local grocery store, it is best to have a licensed technician resolve your Los Angeles plumbing emergency. With the latest technological advances in plumbing, our expert plumbers will be able to take care of business without causing costly demolition to your home’s landscape. With hydro jetting treatment, your pipes are cleared out quickly with high-pressure water to vaporize stubborn clogs and debris. The following are the top three plumbing problems that hydro jetting is the perfect solution for.

  • Garbage Disposal Clogs

As referenced before, the greatest plumbing issue the vast majority experience this season is difficult food clogs from their festive dinner parties at home. For these cases, hydro jetting is the best solution to dispose of developed food debris that are difficult to clear for a liquid drain cleaner. Hydro jetting can even clear away any pre-created debris before major clogging causes a problem.

  • Scaling

Scaling is an issue in various homes that are much older, which may not be experiencing any current clogging issues. This issue is obscure to most homeowners, since most people are not aware that minerals and other deposits develop overtime along the inner parts of pipe channels. Hydro jetting is the ideal solution when this issue is realized before minerals have an opportunity to develop vigorously.

  • Tree Roots

Tree roots are a standout amongst the silliest pipe clogging problems we treat with hydro jetting, particularly in sewer channels. This is an issue for your plumbing system since trees are constantly searching for water sources underground to enable them to flourish. The tiniest opening in your pipes is a gold mine for tree roots to benefit from, so they sneak in and develop a clog in your pipes overtime and eventually may lead to causing pipe bursts. Luckily, we don’t need to burrow gigantic trenches to determine this issue. Hydro jetting gets out the difficult infiltrations underground swiftly.

Is a drain snake a better choice than a hydro or water jet cleaning?

Your plumber will help you determine which of these is a better choice in your circumstances. But, keep a couple things in mind:

  • The age and fragility of your pipes is the first factor. While a hydro jet will flush more waste and debris out of the system than a drain snake, it may cause further damage to fragile pipes.
  • The drain snake, also known as an auger, is only as good as the width of the auger tip. So as the tip meets the main drain and then flushes out to the sewer pipe, the auger won’t get any wider, even though the pipes do. Thus, it isn’t always a complete fix.
  • If you have a newer pipe or aren’t concerned with root penetration, then a hydro jet maintenance is more a comprehensive drain service for a lower level plumbing problem.

Do You Need a Plumber for Hydro Jetting Services?

Absolutely. Don’t be surprised if store-bought drain cleaner doesn’t resolve the issue. While you could buy or rent drain pipe auger tools at your local hardware store and give it a shot yourself, it may not be as effective or long-lasting as a professional hydro jetting service. Keep in mind, a professional plumber not only has the right tools to get deep into the main sewer line if necessary, he is also trained to locate the clogs and work the snake for a more effective cleaning.

So, while the drain snaking may not completely clear every bit of sludge and muck in from a main drain, a skilled plumber can take the snake from the toilet or kitchen sink and work through the most difficult areas where a DIY homeowner might get stuck and force the issue.

The last thing you want is to break the snake in a clogged section or put a hole in the fragile sewer drain, because you were frustrated and tried to force it.