What Is An Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Why Upgrade?

Modern electrical panels are properly designed and safe, however homes with electrical panels (also known as circuit boxes) installed as recently as the 1980s may contain components that have deteriorated, because of the components that were in use at that time. Your electrical panel may have become unsafe with age and may pose safety issues for you and your family. Old electrical panels have limitations on available space to add circuits or they may have fuses. Some home insurance policies will not insure a property that has fuses.

However, this is not the only reason why your electrical panel may need to be upgraded if you are:

Renovating of your home, particularly the kitchen, which is appliance-heavy.

You are adding a home addition.

The addition of a major appliance, such as central heating and air, stoves, spas, garage power equipment, and more.

You need/are adding outlets to your home.

To meet homeowners insurance requirements.

You’re in need of a 240 volt circuit.

You need to add a sub panel

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Updating the electrical panel in your home can greatly improve the safety and effectiveness of the entire electrical system. Power originating from the utility company travels to your home directly to the electrical panel. From there, the current travels throughout your home, providing power wherever you need it. At Dalcon Electric, our San Jose electricians can repair or upgrade your electrical panel unit for you in a timely fashion

Consider upgrading your panel if you:

Cannot properly run appliances within your home

Notice that your circuit breaker frequently malfunctions

Notice that your lights randomly dim or do not work properly

Surefire Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is hub of your home’s electrical system. It receives the electricity coming in through your meter and distributes it to the outlets, appliances and light fixtures in your home. It also monitors the amount of electricity going to each place, giving more to higher energy users and less to lights and appliances not in use. It’s even able to detect when a circuit has too much electric current being pulled from it and kill the power to that circuit.

In other words, it’s one of the most important fire safety mechanisms in your home. So it’s vital that you make sure it’s up to code and working safely. An old or insufficient electrical panel won’t be able to effectively power your home or protect it against electrical fires. Be sure that your panel is safe by checking that it doesn’t show these five signs of needing an upgrade.

Your Home Has A Fuse Box

Fuse boxes and fuses aren’t necessarily an immediate fire hazard, but they are quite outdated. Homes haven’t been built with fuse boxes since the 1950s, and if your home is still using one its electrical infrastructure likely isn’t able to properly meet the electrical demands of a 2010s family. Because of this, many insurance companies won’t cover homes with fuse boxes. If your home uses fuses and a fuse box, Doug’s can help you upgrade to circuit breakers and an electrical panel.

You’re Doing a Major Renovation

Changing your floorplan—from adding rooms to simply rearranging the existing layout—means making significant changes to your electrical system. Whether you’re keeping it small by installing additional outlets or building on a whole new wing, your existing electrical panel may not have the ability to accommodate the additional electrical output. Upgrading to a newer, expanded panel will allow your home to function better with all the electricity it needs

You Use Tons of Extension Cords

Extension cords are useful for giving your vacuum cleaner the range to do a whole floor rather than a room at a time, but you shouldn’t use them in place of properly-wired outlets. If your home doesn’t have enough outlets, it’s probably because you have an outdated electrical panel without the ability to support more outlets. Rather than risk causing a fire with a daisy chain of extension cords, call Doug’s to upgrade your electrical panel.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

An increasing number of our commercial clients have been told by their insurance agent that they cannot switch to a more affordable insurance policy because of their current electrical panel. And an even larger number of insurance companies will not write a homeowners insurance policy based on an outdated electrical panel.

It is a possibility that you don’t have a panel with circuit breakers, but instead have an outdated fuse box. In some cases, it is even worse: an electrical panel that has lost its UL approval because it has been found to cause fires.

Circuit breakers are designed to shut off in a fraction of a second if there is ever a problem. They keep you and your family from becoming victims of electric shock and house fires. Many older breakers will not trip under a test load for at least one minute, and some won’t even trip at all.

If you need an upgrade to your electrical panel for your home, call Best Electric Service today. One of our licensed and experienced electricians will gladly come to your home and give you a complete evaluation

Get peace of mind that you’re getting the most out of your home’s electrical system and help avoid electrical hazards by having a new panel or load-center installed in your home. Your loved one’s safety is so important.

Wenatchee Electrical Services

Electricity is probably the utility that adds the most convenience to our lives, but it is also one of the most dangerous if it is not given the proper respect. When homeowners in Wenatchee, WA have power outages or other issues with their electrical system, it’s important to have access to a qualified Wenatchee electrician to find a solution.

you can expect safe and timely electrical repair service and installation, plus stellar customer service with every call. When you work with us, there is never a need to worry about hidden costs added to your bill because we feature flat-rate pricing on all services

Signs You Need Electrical Repair Service

Electrical repairs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are minor and don’t really affect any part of your home while others affect the entire house. Some of the signs that indicate you may need the help of residential electrical contractors include broken or damaged wall sockets, flickering lights, a scorched smell near sockets, inconsistent performance, short circuits, sparks, and if you have older wiring in your home that hasn’t been updated in a long time. When you call us for electrical wiring repair, you can expect a quick and safe solution.

Do I Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

The electrical panel for your home is typically in your basement or garage, containing circuit breakers or fuses that work to keep all your electrical outlets supplied with power. If your electrical panel is older and has been experiencing tripped circuits or blown fuses on a consistent basis, then it may be time for an electrical panel upgrade or electrical panel replacement. You may also need an upgrade if you need surge protection, or if you find that your electrical appliances outnumber the available outlets in the house.

Risks of DIY Electrical Repairs

Just because you may be handy around the house, doesn’t mean you should try your hand at electrical troubleshooting and repair. In fact, one mistake during the process could cost you your life, or start a fire that destroys your home and endangers your family. You could also run into legal problems if your electrical repair service hasn’t been properly inspected. At the least, your insurance claims will be denied, and you’ll be on the hook for medical expenses and property damage. Do yourself a favor and call a professional Wenatchee electrician right from the start.