What To Seek When You’re In Search Of A Criminal Defense Attorney


Regardless of whether or not you have actually committed a criminal offense, getting an experienced legal advisor can help increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome for your case. Being adjudicated guilty of a crime can have a huge impact on your life. Criminal records, particularly a felony conviction, can affect every aspect of your life including your ability to rent a home, get an education, obtain employment, and more.

Don’t Delay in Contacting a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are arrested, it’s always best to speak to a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Finding an attorney can take time, but there are a variety of things that your attorney may advise you to do to help impact the outcome of your case. For example, charges are drug or alcohol related, they may encourage you to enroll in a rehabilitation program.

When selecting an attorney, there are a few things that you should take into consideration, including the following:

Select an attorney who has enthusiasm for the law. You don’t need a legal advisor who is simply carrying out their responsibility speaking to you. You need an attorney who is passionate about their work. Search for a lawyer who show interest in your case and will fight for you.

All experiences are not equivalent. An attorney who has years of experience practicing tax law, for example, is not equivalent to an attorney who has years of courtroom experience defending against criminal charges. Look for a legal advisor who has experience in defending cases like yours.

You need somebody who thoroughly reviews your case and resolution options with you in a way you understand. If your attorney puts pressure on you to make a decision without advising you of the repercussions of that decision, you should likely look into retaining another attorney.

There is always a bit of uncertainty in any criminal case. Your legal advisor can’t ensure a particular result in your case. However, you should choose a legal advisor that will set-up a solid case by preparing adequate defense(s) for you, as opposed to an attorney who creates unmanageable expectations.

An excellent attorney will have an excellent reputation. Ask your friends which lawyers they suggest. Indeed, even the best legal advisors have a couple of disappointed customers, yet you need somebody with more good recommendations than bad.

An experienced lawyer will likely cost more than one without as much experience. However, keep in mind that as with most things, you will probably get what you pay for.

You should select a lawyer who has courtroom experience and is not afraid to go to court and speak for you. Some attorneys will try to get you to take a plea deal for your charges. In some situations that may be the best option, however, your attorney should be willing to battle for you in court if need be.


If you’re charged with any severe crime or felony in a state court, you’d want the finest criminal defense attorney in OKC to work for you. There is no use of hiring a criminal lawyer who is inexperienced and just practicing. All you need is the talent and respected professionalism of a criminal defense attorney who has a lot of experience dealing with your kind of cases.

So, this demonstrates that you need a criminal lawyer in OKC with a reputation for winning. A well-educated lawyer is the first point that must be considered in relation to a criminal defense lawyer. Although the law school the lawyer studied did not make much of a difference, there are better law schools that give education criminal defense lawyers with a stronger knowledge of criminal law. This, in turn, makes them a better option in creating arguments to convince the judges in your case!

A lawyer with a strong presence and regard in the judiciary is always the best attorney for criminal defense. This is because the more regard the lawyer has in the court, the greater the chance he has of negotiating with the judge for winning crucial movements and to obtain a ruling in your favor. In fact, attorneys who have a good reputation assist the prosecutors and judges with a vivid description of the case so that they can handle it without any hassle.

It’s always better to choose a lawyer who has many years of practice if you’re charged with a severe felony such as manslaughter, murder, family disturbance or rape. The more experience the criminal defense attorney has, the better his ability to analyze your case. In addition, he is more skilled at knowing your case with more precision than criminal defense lawyers will have less experience with. Since there is a high possibility that a criminal defense attorney has experienced similar cases many years of experience that he has, he will know more about the moves and the rules to be implemented at the right time in your case!

Choose a criminal defense attorney who has the most experience in your situation. If you’re charged with rape, it’s better to hire a criminal defense attorney who has experience of handling rapes cases. So, the more cases he has won, the greater is the chance that he will make you win in your situation, too!

Secrets of Criminal Defense Attorneys

It’s one of the more thankless jobs in the legal arena. Criminal defense attorneys, who stand beside clients accused of everything from minor offenses to mass murder, must mount the most effective defense of their client possible no matter how heinous the crime. While their work enforces a person’s constitutional right to a fair trial, some observers chastise them for representing society’s villains.

In their view, that’s missing the point. In addition to making sure the scales of justice are balanced, criminal defense attorneys find satisfaction in tackling cases with high stakes. “It’s an all or nothing game,” says Jeffrey Lichtman, a New York-based attorney who has represented John A. Gotti and accused Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. “It’s win or lose. There is pressure, excitement, and responsibility in being a criminal defendant’s only protector and support.”


Some defendants have clearly committed terrible crimes, but they still have constitutional rights—so attorneys don’t let their personal feelings about a crime get in the way of a client’s defense. “There’s never been a day I stood up for someone accused of a crime where I would endorse that crime,” says Tritico. “I don’t justify the act of blowing up a building and killing 168 people. But McVeigh has to be protected and his rights have to be protected. People like me have to be willing to stand up and say, ‘I will stand up for you.’ You do it for McVeigh and you do it for everyone.”


It can be hard to find common ground with someone accused of misdeeds that could land them life in prison or even a death sentence, but defense attorneys say that there’s usually a way to relate to their clients as human beings—and the case will be better off for it. Lichtman became friendly with Gotti by discussing family; Tritico found McVeigh to be amiable. “I wanted Tim to like me and I wanted to like him,” he says. “I wanted him to trust my decisions. It doesn’t happen every time, but the vast majority of the time, I like them.”


Examining a potential juror, known as voir dire, is an art. Both defense and prosecution want people in the jury box who can be swayed, though circumstances are usually stacked against the defense. “The jury is coming in ready to convict, as no one generally supports crime,” Lichtman says.


Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is a very personal matter. You need to choose someone that you feel comfortable with and that you are confident will represent your best interests. While the attorney-client relationship is fundamentally professional, it will also be very personal – you will be dealing with issues that can have a tremendous impact on your personal life. As a result, it’s important to choose your criminal defense lawyer carefully.

Do Your Research

The internet makes this step easy – you can search google for criminal defense attorneys in your area. Carefully read through their website, including the types of cases they handle (often listed under “practice areas”) and their blog section

Ask for Referrals

Ask your friends and family if they know any criminal defense attorneys they would recommend you speak to. Be sure to ask plenty of questions –

Did they handle your case?

Were you satisfied with the outcome?

Were they easy to communicate with?

Did you feel that you got good value for what you paid?

Did they charge you a retainer fee? What was their hourly rate?

Take Advantage of the Free Consultation

Many people think that if they take advantage of a lawyer’s free consultation, they have effectively hired that lawyer. This is not the case. The free consultation is essentially an interview. It’s an opportunity for you to meet the lawyer in person and get a sense of whether or not they would be a good fit. It’s also an opportunity for the lawyer to get an understanding of what your case entails and whether they can help you.

Don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions during the consultation. Because criminal defense lawyers handle these kinds of cases every day, certain things may be obvious to them that are not obvious to you. In particular, don’t be shy about asking what they charge and how you will be billed for their services. The attorney should appreciate a potential client who wants to understand every facet of the representation, as it helps avoid misunderstandings later on.

How To Choose The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

If you find yourself accused of committing a crime, securing suitable representation is crucial to the initial stages of the defense process regardless of your guilt. Depending on your particular circumstances, the consequences you could be facing might range from probation and a stained record to more serious repercussions such as substantial fines or jail time.

Select An Attorney With Criminal Defense Experience

An attorney with prior experience is an extremely important factor to consider when choosing a criminal defense attorney. The obvious fact that experienced attorneys almost always provides a better service for their client should not be overlooked. However, what is often ignored is an attorney’s related experience.

Simply by inquiring a prospective lawyer about his or her previous you can get a sense of both the regularity of the attorney’s involvement in your kind of case as well as a sum total of similar experiences that make up his or her background in the field

Your Lawyer Should Be Able To Explain Your Circumstances In Detail

In order to provide you with suitable counsel, an attorney must be able to answer all of your questions regarding the case as well as explain the criminal charges against you. This includes informing you of your legal rights as well as what the prosecution is tasked with proving to a judge or jury.

Good Lawyers Offer Helpful Consultations

Effective and helpful communication is something every good criminal defense attorney should strive to achieve with their both their clients and prospects throughout the entire legal process.